Exseros PC-based attendant application becomes a part of Vodafone Swedens Wireless Office Concept

Exsero has signed a deal with Vodafone Sweden to include Exseros PC-based attendant application in Vodafone Swedens Wireless Office concept. The application makes it possible to use a standard PC connected to a GSM phone as an attendant terminal. This means that small and medium enterprises now completely can replace wired PBX solutions with GSM phones and still have the basic attendant functions.

The deal is a result of a very positive response on the market during the time the application has been used by Vodafone Swedens customers.

Contact persons:

Jörgen Nilsson
Phone: +45 455 616651
e-mail: jorgen.nilsson@exsero.se

Johan Svensson, Produkt Manager Wireless Office
Phone: +46 455 614062
e-mail: johan.svensson@vodafone.se